Beer of the Bike

Beer by Bike
July 13, 2009, 8:32 pm
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We’re officially changing up the name of this ride to “Beer by Bike.” I’m going to start posting ride info over at my blog at Check it out and update your bookmarks and RSS feeds. This blog will soon go quiet. For now, our July ride is announced though!


April recap
April 21, 2009, 3:48 pm
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Saturday, with little notice and loose plans, 13 of us met at the Art Museum to ride to Earth Bread and Brewery.  Well, 15 if you count my two little girls whom I was pulling in a trailer.
Beer by Bike April 09
The weather was spectacular and the ride was great.  Except for the huge hill on Ridge Ave, which everyone was grumbling about.  Sorry!

Earth was great.  They let us take over the downstairs bar.  I’m really glad they finally opened up for lunch, the timing worked out perfectly.  Though they only had two of there own beers on tap, the Monkey Brain Tonic was a hoppy little lightweight that was perfect after a ride.  And the flatbreads made for a great lunch too.
Beer by Bike April 09

We took Forbidden Drive back.  And as per usual, flats abounded.  We got scattered, and split up for the final leg of the ride.  Almost everyone made it back, with the glaring exception of Niamh, who fainted and crashed pretty badly.  Heal up Niamh!
Beer by Bike April 09

Much thanks to Earth for accommodating is.  Stay tuned for next months ride, which will likely be to the General Lafayette Inn (again).  You may actually have the option of off road or hills again too!
Beer by Bike April 09

April Ride
April 16, 2009, 2:12 am
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We’ll be riding to Earth Bread and Brewery this Saturday. Sorry for the late notice and lack of details. Meet at the Art Museum at 10am this Sat, April 18th

Brewery Bike Ride Recap


This past Saturday was the official Brewery Bike Ride for Philly Beer Week.  I knew that lots of people were excited about it, but neither I nor the breweries were prepared for the number to people that showed up.  I had warned each brewery that there could be 70-80 people.  But as I asked folks to sign in, my 90-some sign in slots quickly filled up.  From Nodding Head, we had at least 130 people on the ride.  I would venture to guess there was over 150 total throughout the day.

Despite the crowds, it was really a fun ride.  Or at least I had a great time!  Due to the number of riders, there was no way we could stay as one group.  So instead we had cue sheets, and I gave an announcement when it was time to head out to the next location.  Everyone rode at their own pace, with whomever they happened to be riding with.  I really like this format, as it gave me, at least, a chance to ride with different people for each leg of the trip.  I had some nice conversations with new people all day!

Nodding Head was packed, but the Berliner Weisse was a good morning beer for sure!  Dock St was swamped as well, it took some time to get a beer, but being able to mull around outside was wonderful.  And they provided an awesome fruit and veggie spread for us!  The longest ride of the day was from Dock St to Yards, but most everyone made it.  Everyone was anxious for beer after that, so the lines at Yards were out of control!  After some tours and some breaking apart of the group for food, we all reconvened at Philadelphia Brewing Co.  This room was probably the best suited for the number of people we had, but we still packed it out!  A surprising number of people acutally made the entire ride and ended up at Triumph, where we said our goodbyes and had some dinner.

The weather was perfect, the beers were delicious, and everyone acted responsibly and had a great time.  I don’t think I could have imagined a better ride for Beer Week.  Well, actually, I can imagine.  Just wait until next year!

Brewery Tour Ride Info
March 12, 2009, 7:09 pm
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Our ride is this Saturday, and its going to be awesome!  We begin at Nodding Head, 1516 Sansom St, at 11am.  We’ll be leaving there around 12noon, so if you’re going to meet us there, please arrive between 11am and 12noon

The ride is going to be VERY crowded!   I want to make some things clear beforehand so there is no confusion the day of.

  • Helmets required.  I’m not a cop, and I’m not going to kick you out for not having one, but don’t take chances, be safe and wear a helmet.  If you don’t have one, email me, I have a couple I can lend out.
  • BYOL – Bring your own lock.  We will be locking our bikes up at each location.  Make sure you’re ride is safely locked up at each location.  We cannot provide secure storage at any location, nor ensure your bike’s safety.
  • Obey Traffic Laws – This is going to be a law abiding ride.  We will NOT be running redlights, blocking traffic, pissing off motorists, etc.  Help us keep our good reputation as cyclists!
  • Be Careful! –  We will be riding in traffic, please be aware of your surroundings, of over vehicles, and of each other.
  • Drink Responsibly – We’re going to have a chance to try some great beers, make the most of it and don’t over indulge.  Biking is still transportation, and its dangerous to ride drunk.  If you’ve had too much, call it a day.  Or leave the ride to have some lunch and water.  Or lock up and take a cab home.  Please don’t try to continue riding if you’ve had too much to drink

I will have a sign up sheet.  So, when you arrive please find me and give me your info so that I know who all is riding.  I will be providing cue sheets for you there.  Due to the number of riders, we are not going to be riding as one large group to each brewery.  Instead, I’ll give some indication of when its time to head out, and we can all ride at our own pace to the next stop.  Find a buddy, meet a new friend, and have a leisurely ride to the next brewery.  There is no rush.

This is a slow paced day, so there is plenty of time to get to each location.  At each brewery, you’ll have a chance to try some of the beers, take a tour of some of the breweries, and maybe even meet some of the brewers.  Nodding Head, Dock St, and Triumph are all operating restaurants, in case you want to eat.

The ride is open, so feel free to join up or leave at any point.  The rough schedule is as follows:

11am – Nodding Head, 1516 Sansom St
12:30 pm – Dock Street, 50th and Baltimore
2pm – Yards, 901 N Delaware Ave
3:30pm – PBC, 2439 Amber St
5pm – Triumph, 117 Chestnut St

This ride is free, but the beer will cost money, so please bring cash.  If you’re feeling generous and you appreciate what we’re doing, you’re welcome to donate some money to the ride.  I hope to use any proceeds to make future rides even better, including having some swag to give away!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call me.  Also, If you know of others who are going to be riding, please pass this along.  Thanks and I’m looking forward to meeting you all on Saturday!

Logo Needed
March 2, 2009, 9:58 pm
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We need a logo.  I mean, we’ll be on the Travel Channel, we’re doing a ride for Philly Beer Week.  I think its high time we had a professional looking logo for our little bike ride club.

So I’m throwing it out there.  Who wants to throw something together?  I’d love to have something ready for the Beer Week ride.  We already missed the chance to have our logo on the site.  Maybe we can even get some stickers, or spoke cards, maybe eventually some jerseys!  I’d love something clean and logo-ish, not too fancy, intricate, or cartoonish.  Anyone want to help out?

Beer Week Approaching
February 27, 2009, 8:00 pm
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We’re about 2 weeks away from the Beer Week ride.  I had not been planning on any kind of sign up or RSVP, but I’ve changed my mind.  If you are planning on riding with us, please shoot me an email at Jesseleekeenan (at) gmail (dot) com.  I have a feeling that this ride will be big, I would like to know just how big so that I can forewarn the breweries.  Thanks!